A Smell Of Paraffin

Masimba Musodza



“In the grand tradition of Spillane, Doyle and Chandler, yet entirely unlike them too, this first instalment of The Dread Eye Detective Agency is a fresh and innovative leap forward for the genre. As well as plainly being a cracking good fast paced read. In all Masimba Musodza never fails to deliver, and Uriah's Vengeance is no exception, and a great step forward toward diverse African Genre Fiction”- Ivor Hartmann, editor, Story Time e-zine.















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An anthology of six stories featuring Ce-Ce and Farai Chisango of the Dread Eye Detective Agency.



"Although the novel is set in Zimbabwe to be honest it can be put in any context and country anywhere in the world. It will appeal to anyone from any continent and any cultural background thus making it an international and not just an African novel. Masimba Musodza has produced a novel that also appeals to all generations from young and old alike…Is he the new Agatha Christie, Enid Blyton, Ian Flemming? I'm really looking forward to see what else comes out from The Dread Detective Agency!" Brian Matemba


"Uriah's Vengeance kept my mind occupied until I drank the last drop of its ink. It interestingly blends very vivid and interesting characters, various cultural influences: english literature, Rastafari from a positive continental African perspective and the rising urban middle class in Zimbabwe. This is an interesting action and investigation movie where the Rastas are the heroes. ", The Bookseeker