Mukadzi waMukoma Shepard





















































Masimba Musodza adzoka neimwe nyaya inokutuma kuti uverenge nekuti kubvira papeji yekutanga, asi wakabata ura mumaoko.


Wesley anodzoka kubva kubhodhingi achisvikowana mukoma wake Shepard aroora. Izvi zvinomufadza chose, uye ushamwari naamaiguru vake, Aesnath, unopfumbira.


Asi, pane zvakavanzika maererano nekuroorana kwaShepard naAesnath. Zvakavanzika, zvinotyisa, zvine njodzi, zvinobata chivanhu chedu.


Masimba Musodza's forthcoming offering is a tale of a young man coming of age, his relationship with his sister-in-law, the erosion of the Zimbabwean society's moral fabric, duty, tradition, migration, and supernatural powers that direct the lives of ordinary people in these circumstances.


When Wesley returns from boarding school one day, he finds that his older brother has married. With the couple still staying in the family home, Wesley forms a strong friendship with Aesnath, his Amaiguru, "sister-in-law." Shepard's ill-treatment of her creates a rift between the brothers, which doesn't mend even when Amaiguru Aesnath relocates to the United Kingdom.


As male family members begin to die in what seems to be a pattern, Wesley learns a startling secret about his older brother's marriage. Aesnath had been given to Shepard as compensation to his family for a murder committed by one of her relatives, a practice known as kuripa ngozi. In ill-treating her and sending her away, Shepard had incurred the wrath of the deceased relative.


It seems the onus is now on Wesley to step into his brother's shoes. The family's survival depends on it. So, he heads out to Britain, where an even more shocking secret awaits him...



Masimba Musodza