Masimba Musodza Masimba Musodza takes a keen interest in the world around him, which inspires him to pen non-fiction pieces offering is opinion on a wide range of subjects. He is also often invited to take part in panel discussions, most notably The Thunderbolt Show on Zimonline Radio on Thursday evenings. His vies are not always popular, and he is not afraid to court controversy, but Masimba Musodza is consistent in his sharp, witty delivery.

Masimba Musodza is an advocate for the socio-economic progress of the various Rastafarian communities around the world and the preservation of heritage sites such as Fairfield Mansion in Bath, England. He is also emerging as

powerful voice for the Hasbara Movement.

Away from "heavy politics", Masimba supports local history and the preservation of historical buildings and open spaces. He is a member of Hands on Middlesbrough, a local, non-political group concerned with the town's history and open spaces. He is also a member of the North East Coaltion For Asylum-seekers and Refugees, NECFAR, another non-politcal advocacy group.

Like all serious writers of the horror and science-fiction genre, Masimba Musodza is fascinated by mythology, both ancient and modern. He does not

believe in popular conspiracy theories, but finds the process by which they emerge and find strength in society something of academic interest. Even though declaring his ultimate faith in tenets of Rastafari, Musodza is a proponent of scientific enquiry. Accordingly, he is critical of the anti-vaccination, anti-GMO etc movements. He is, however, pro-life.

Other areas of interest include Men's Rights and the Manosphere, Literary Criticism, and Creative Writing and Publishing, particularly Digital


With such a range of interests, Masimba's non-fiction writing, from essays and papers, or arguments on social media, or posts on blogs, represents a vast repository that surpasses his works of fiction. Some of his writing may be seen on:










Masimba Musodza