Yesterday's Dog

Masimba Musodza






Masimba Musodza's story set against the backdrop of Zimbabwe's political history and the culture of state-sponsored atrocities. First published online, then in the first African Roar anthology, "Yesterday's Dog" has been acclaimed for its exploration of the cycle of inhumanity, needed to sustain an oppressive regime and the human agents of that cycle.


On the road to Harare, the paths of two men collide again. The last time they had met was in Ian Smith's Rhodesia. This time, Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe. The brutality of one man towards another is the same. The cause is the same, the desperate need to prop up a regime even as it slides towards the precipice. Nothing personal. Only following orders. Stanely, the victim of brutalities past is about to learn this profound lesson.









"I like how the story connects the 70s and now, a way of reading the past through the present- Emmanuel Sigauke, 2008


"Musodza knows the value of creating a cyclical story, but he also understands that themes and time can be cyclical, too. ...The malaise of the past becomes the terror of the present, and good men easily become bad when the situation demands. Musodza's skill is to foster empathy within the reader for Stanley, but also for the hitchhiker, and then to demolish the feelings for both. In the end, there are no winners, and yesterday's dog is tomorrow's master. And of course he wants his own dog, too." - Damian Kelleher, 2010


"The metaphor is apt and prompts the reader to reflect on the nature of humanity. Who is the animal when one human is torturing another? The victim who is called a dog, or the one who beats the victim like a dog?" - M.G. Moore, 2011

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