Short Stories

Masimba Musodza


The Bush Fire, was one of two stories submitted to the St Mary Magdalene's School Magazine, 1990, which saw the light of day. The science-fiction one was rejected outright. Special thanks to former schoolmate Mr Tendai Mhangara for the scan.


Chishamiso, first published online, then in Bookends, the literary supplement to the Sunday Observer, Jamaica, 6 October, 2012. Now also a short-film directed by Angeline Dimingo. Special thanks to Barbara Makeda Blake-Hannah, novelist, broadcaster and former Jamaican Senator for the scan

Masimba Musodza's short fiction has been published in magazines and anthologies around the world, making him probably the most widely read author from Zimbabwe.


A full list of his short-stories, particularly one that includes works published before the advent of electronic publishing, is impossible to compile. This page represents an attempt at this. To keep abreast of new stories, readers are advise to check Masimba's social media network.


A good place to start is the e-zine by South Africa-based compatriot Ivor Hartmann, Story Time







Here, Musodza began to emerge to a global audience.





































The Village Idiot, submitted to the now defunct Trends magazine, Bulawayo, and published June, 2006. Special thanks to Mrs Thelma T.K. Mungate (née Musodza) for the scan.